Those last days. No way of wrapping it pretty or pretending Rafa was dying. Ma was relying on me, she wanted me to help Rafa in anyway I could. Don’t get me wrong but if I was the all powerful then I would surely help him. Everything had become worse after Rafas so called wife […]

INTRODUCTION:  In the story of the Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian is based on a boy called Junior who has a rough life and lives in poverty. He chooses to move on in life when he decides to join a school filled with white people. In this story we see how Junior […]

BILAL,  GARY! 1)Roughly 3% of people abuse prescription drugs. 2)elderly patients were abusing prescription drugs. Example: PAIN KILLERS. 3)Indianapolis, Indiana evaluated the risks of misuse and use of drugs for management of chronic pain to compare risk with drug benefits. 4)Dr Richard Brown said that misunderstanding the risk of associated prescription drugs can lead to […]

THE ARRIVAL! In this essay I am going to talk about Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival. The Arrival is a book without words. My essay will explore the theme of immigration in the novel. Shaun Tan has written a lot about immigration and its importance to the story. Shaun Tan allows the reader to […]

The man is wearing a blazer which has many notes on it, those notes are to show that he is a migrant. The notes and badges are to show that he is a migrant. Shaun Tan shows that he has been affected in the process as the man is worried and is thinking in the […]

Book Name:The Fugitive From Corinth The Fugitive From Corinth is a book on mysteries written by Caroline Lawrence.   The story starts in Rome when a criminal decided to attempt murder of his students father. But as he was placed in prison he had escaped a few days later with no trail or any clues […]

Iron Man INTRODUCTION: It all started when a young gentlemen named Tony Stark started to create weapons for the country but there was a twist in faith and the deadly weapons were being taken over by the terrorists who were creating disasters for the country and all the other countries around U.S.A. this film is […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway